Web Security

Penetration Testing

We simulate the intrusion of hackers to conduct a comprehensive penetration test from multiple channels such as websites, servers, internal, external, people, mobile and clients. Tests include whether the security mechanism may be bypassed, whether the business process is reasonable, whether the external attacks could be blocked, whether the security conscious exists, and whether the core data is safe.

Source Code Security Audit

The source code security audit aims to discover the security vulnerabilities caused in the application writing process. Through the source code static analysis tools, we could analyze and scan the existing code, locate and verify the code that may cause the security vulnerability, and finally put forward repair suggestions.

Internal Network Security Detection

We simulate the ways that hackers steal data, such as cracking wireless networks, social engineering, or infiltrating into internal networks through external websites, then digging out the internal network vulnerabilities and finally obtaining sensitive data, to propose a repair plan and ensure the customers' core data will be safe.

Mobile and Client Security Detection

We could perform security tests mainly on the network layer for mobile terminals (such as mobile phone software) and clients (such as system software), mainly on the logical vulnerabilities, information leakage for outdoor equipments (such as mobile, telecommunications, bank self-service).

Website and Server Security Testing

We detect vulnerabilities and protect the data of websites and servers in a timely manner by conducting external security tests on them.