System Security

Security Hardening

We analyze the status quo through different channels, such as external, internal, search engines, logs, people, etc., then formulate corresponding security hardening program, implement this program, and ultimately make our security system more sound.

Log Analysis

We extract a variety of logs, analyze website logs, operation logs, login logs and then according to IP and flow capacity situation, determine whether the server is invaded , and find out the possible hidden dangers left on the server after being invaded.

Trojan Cleaning

If there are loopholes or virus on the website or server, we can clean them thoroughly.

Internal Network Hardening

When the external defense is breached, or through a direct wireless attack, the internal defense is breached, the core data is at risk. Due to the particularity of the internal network, if the vulnerability is not repaired in time, the internal network is more likely to be invaded. We could establish a barrier to strengthen the internal network. Even if the external defense is breached, the core data could still be protected due to this barrier.

Website and Server Security Protection

We could achieve a full range of security protection from the web layer to the server layer.