Face Liveness Detection

Application Scenario

Financial Services

Remote account opening, withdrawal, payment and other services.

Social Business

Login authentication for special situations, such as anchor login, express car driver login, etc.

Product Features

Face Detection

We could locate face place, detect whether there will be multiple faces or even no faces, therefore prevent the change between faces and photos or among different faces.

Liveness Algorithm Detection

We could determine whether the user is in normal operation by asking users to perform random actions (shaking his head, nodding, staring, blinking, moving the phone up and down) to prevent video attacks and abnormal movements attacks.

3D Inspection

We could verify whether the collected image is a three-dimensional portrait and avoid flat photos or photos with different degrees of curvature.

Continuity Test

We could determine whether the face movement trajectory is normal in the detection process, and can prevent abnormal behaviors such as changing people in the middle process, skipping liveness detection and directly collecting photos.